There is a certain dream like quality to porcelain. Its delicate and fragile yet hard and strong. It plays with the light and shows you different things each time you look. Weaving color into porcelain is a complex technique but when mastered the results are magical. I hope you enjoy my work!  


My work in porcelain clay combines my love of nature and my study of layering color in porcelain I produce timeless ceramics in the form of vessels, sculpture and jewelry.

The technique that I use is often called Nerikomi from the Japanese tradition; a process resembling Murrine in glass making. I mix the color directly into the clay. I also blend colors to create gradations of colors. These are stacked into a loaf or block which I then cut and reassemble in various ways to create blocks of unique patterns. I use thin slices cut from the cross section of these patterned blocks to form my works.

Most of the time I combine the thin slices with hand thrown bases.

After finishing, scraping, sanding, bisque firing and glazing the pieces are fired in an electric kiln to cone 7 in oxidation (approx. 1240 degrees C).

I have been working with clay and porcelain for the last 40 years in my studio in Amsterdam. I still enjoy working with this fascinating and beautiful material.

You can explore my various works from colored Nerikomi style vases and jewelry here on this website.


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